26 May 2010

Mr. Fuzzy was away in Camden, Maine, for a few days to teach a workshop on the history and use of soft focus lenses. The resulting paycheck is likely to be the only money he ever makes from his doctoral research...

It was a grueling drive there, mostly because of Connecticut and Massachusetts. On the way home, Mr. Fuzzy visited dear friends in Vermont and as an added bonus, avoided both Conn. and Mass. Oh how much more pleasant and less stressful the return trip.

The students were great and he learned much from them. The host of the workshop was Mr. Fuzzy's old friend, Tillman Crane, photographer and teacher par excellance. It was such a good time to be with Tillman and Donna for a few days.

Coastal Maine has its share of visual delights but Mr. Fuzzy was more than happy to return to his Blue Ridge mountains.

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VB said...

nice photos, Mr. F! but a little sharp, aren't they? :-)