10 March 2010

A Week's Difference

Most kind and gentle Reader---

When last we conversed, the Farm had just suffered a major late season snow storm that deposited about four inches of exceptionally slick snow on the Farm and its environs (indeed, it barely covered the entire county). Ah, but a week later, it is nearly 60F. Yes, much like last year at this time, it is as if the Creator woke up one morning and threw the switch from Winter to Spring rather than easing said switch gently from one pole to the other.

It has been a week of transitions:
Old crusty snow > new slick snow > ice > mud

Over the last three days, Mr. Fuzzy has earnestly endeavored to repair the winter's damage to the driveway, mostly caused of recent in the form of ruts. 3,900 pounds (American) of gravel have been hand-shoveled into the pot-holes and ruts. This short section shown here swallowed up nearly 1,500 pounds all by itself. Much of the ground is still frozen and the situation is but temporarily under control.

The first flowers have bloomed on the Farm, the ever reliable crocus (ah, if only politicians were so reliable), bless their cheery faces. With near certainty it may be prognosticated that there will be several killing frosts yet but no more long term freezing temperatures. Huzzah. Life will so abound again on the Farm after this difficult and severe deep freeze.

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Anonymous said...

The hearty crocus! They always amaze me! Yay! Spring is in the air!