02 March 2010

A Day's Difference

The upper, sunny image was taken yesterday. It was 41F and the snow was fleeing before Sol's radiance. There was bare ground appearing in strategic locations, under trees and on south facing slopes. There were birds singing their welcomes to Spring. Alright, it wasn't Spring but the augurs appeared favorable for an early appearance.

This drab, chilling image was taken in the afternoon hours today as the snowstorm raged on. Ye weather prophets had foreseen but an inch, if that much, of accumulation. False prophets! As darkness dimmed the countryside, the snows were about to cease after depositing about four inches.

There was one summer in the 20th century wherein frost was seen nearly every morn of the year regardless of season (and the notorious winter of 1887-88 when it snowed every month but August). There has never been an official weather observation station in our county but the memories of our farmers last long and burn bright. Oh what shall this most unusual year bring for us in the coming months? Perhaps we should plant iceberg lettuce instead of chiles? We shall see - and hope for just adequate rather than abundant garden yields for sustenance for ourselves and ye wild beasties of the farm and forest.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Sorry about your "False Prophets!" I take them worth a grain of salt.

Both pictures are lovely in their own way. =)