28 March 2010

Kluck... Kluck... Kluck... BRAAAWK!

Frizzled Bantam Cochin

The chick order has been placed! I'm really buying 25 day old chickens by post. It's sort of unreal.... I mean, animals come to us by chance and impulse but we've been talking this over for nearly 18 months!

After much debate, oohing and aawing over pictures, and talking to a few actual chicken keepers we settled on Murray McMurray Hatchery and two kinds of chickens. Our initial decision was for Opringtons and Dominiques but they don't breed Orps so we're getting Cochins in several types - two colors of "frizzled" bantams and "partridge" standards.


Anonymous said...

Love that photo! Talk about having your feathers ruffled! =)

Wendy T said...

When I got my pet goat, Kirei way back when, the lady who had her also had a little petting zoo of her own. She had an ostrich and several goats and several breeds of chickens. She showed me her farm and I really liked her Old English game hens.
I think you'll enjoy having the chickens. One of our customers at work has a pair of hens that are like family. When I was there doing work they followed me around the yard.