27 March 2010

Hi folks, it's been a hard week.

First, I got a call from Salsa Dog's new owner saying they want to return him. I politely refrained from telling him "of course a terrier will make mischief when you don't give him toys and don't play with him enough... like I TOLD YOU." Ugh.

Then I talk to my mom who says Dad is on the slide again. Lots of schtuff there but mostly I wish Mom could take better care of herself. Dad's a lot of work! I go to the Humane Society meeting and report to everyone that Foster the cat is walking better but he has a cough.

Wednesday Foster died. He had a raging lung infection. I had, in great hopefulness, believed that the Cat Lady was right and it was a symptom of worms. He was super thin so it seemed possible. I buried him where he can see the room where he lived. We're both going to miss him... he was well on his way to becoming a Stratheden Black Cat.

There have been a few good things this week too. The deer are waiting for the lettuces and cabbages to get bigger before eating them. My eleven "thank you" trees from the Arbor Day Society arrived and are planted in the garden to grow on for two years. Then we got our order from the forestry department...... I've got about 125 seedling trees to heel in today. We've already lined the front of the drive with some of the crab apples.

Ooo- and let me leave you with the fun news! Mr. Fuzzy got his new metal detector and we went treasure hunting below the house! Now, the coin and jewelry guys would laugh but we found a line of cut nails, iron rings, and OLD broken iron pot parts. Looks like we've located the barn site.

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Lausanne said...

Sorry to hear of your difficult week with an ailing dad, a rejected foster critter, and of course your dear Foster passing on...But the good comes with the bad and life keeps changing---the only thing we can ever count on!