01 September 2009

Tuesdays labours

Well, I fibbed in yesterday's post. We did not pick apples but the fields have been in mowed in preparation for baling and I spent several hours with my favourite weed whacker - a scythe. Its been a couple years since last using it so the first matter was to restore a fine edge with the specialized whet stone (which we just found unpacking a box!). The peening hammer and anvil have yet to be located so the nicks in the blade from Floyd county stones are there for a while.

Mr. Fuzzy mowed about 1/8 of an acre today with the scythe, difficult because it was all on a steep hill, too steep for a tractor and bush hog. Footing was not easy nor working uphill. Nonetheless, some of the lessons on the family farm two score years ago came to mind once the process began in earnest.


Anonymous said...

That is a workout I could easily forgo! =)

Peter Mannox said...

HI, How are your hands? I've used a scythe myself. It works but you may find muscles you didn't realise you had and tends to blister ones hands. Getting a goat, sheep, rabbits, ducks or geese is less toiling and if you have the heart you can eat them.