27 September 2009


The same weather situation which has caused so much flooding in Alabama and Georgia was manifested here by static conditions. Yesterday the farm received nearly two inches of rain - the day began with a dense fog which very slowly became a Scottish mist, then a light drizzle, next a rain and then nearly a downpour which continued into the dark hours of the evening. Below is an image of yesterday morning's fog.

Today, after more than a fortnight of foggy mornings (in some cases, entire 24 hour periods), the sun has broken through and its a glorious day with scattered cumulus clouds interspersed with that autumnal blue sky. The air feels clean and fresh with a gusty wind from the SSW. This is the first noticeable breeze in a fortnight as well, perhaps blowing in autumn if the weather forecast can be relied on (my Grandpappy said "they wuz two kinds of fools, the plain ordinary sort, and the ones what believed a five day forecast."). We'll just have to live until tomorrow and see for ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Do I detect an intentional avoidance of any mention of the house interior? Unpacking, etc.?