24 September 2009

Autumn ?

It has been an odd day, meteorologically speaking. A fog began late last eve and fortified itself throughout the wee hours before the morn. By 7:00 a.m., visibility was but 20 feet. Unlike many a fog here, it dissipated almost instantly when struck by the rising sun. The morn was now clear as a bell with near perfect visibility. At last, after days (eleven?) of clouds, a more typical sun and blue sky of autumn, expected for this time of year.

With the sun to aid warming, the temperature rose to an unseasonable 81F for perhaps a few minutes and then began a slow decline just as a few very dark clouds began to form in early afternoon. Soon, like a union, they demonstrated that strength is derived from numbers and a mist evolved into a light rain for several hours.

Now it is overcast and in the high 60s.

Some trees have turned their lusty fall colours but the vast majority have clung to their leaves yet green. Nonetheless, in the last day the walnut trees have begun to yield their bounty to the forces of gravity. Is it autumn or not, I ask you?

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