13 September 2009

Social Whirl

I feel certain, dearest reader, that you must wonder what there is for the Fuzzys to do when not labouring on the Farm. In fact, you may wonder IF there is anything else here in a county with under 15,000 souls residing therein. Rest assured that although Mr. Fuzzy's hermetic (but not hermeneutic) tendencies are in full spate with no respite in sight, he does like to go into town on occasion for a hot night.

The day began with 8:00 a.m. breakfast at the Cafe with the Humane Society crew who were then reassembling elsewhere to shrink wrap their new 2010 calendar. The middle of the day was slow but the whirlwinds of social gadflying blew in about 5:00 when the Fuzzys took their corn pudding in hand down to the Methodist church where the community organization for our little three-road area was convening their fall picnic. There we spent several hours (until dark) communing with our neighbors and discussing neighborhood issues. The company was enjoyable, food was plentiful and weather delightful. Mr, Fuzzy took two passes at the superlative bundt cake...

Then it was hop into the car and roar through town (speed limit = 25 mph) to the Pine Tavern which was hosting an evening of Vaudeville and burlesque at their pavilion. We missed the first half of the show but the second half was certainly satisfying. The attached image is of the second to last dance. A hot time in a small town indeed. The entire audience was probably less than 50 people, which was under the threshold of agoraphobia for Mr. Fuzzy.

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