12 July 2009

This & That

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone....

Puppy now has a new name that might stick. At least it has lasted more than 30 hours... So he is (for now) Rufus. I say "for now" because we keep forgetting what we've named him. Nothing seems to stick!

We took him yesterday to our friend Jim's summer shooting match and the pup was a star. Not afraid of anyone or anything... even a huge and playful dog. The consensus there was to call him Dog. Can you trust the opinions of a bunch of old black powder guys? Today we did see evidence of something Rufie is terribly respectful of: horses. I'm thinking he was formerly the dog of a single woman with more than a few spirited equines. Sees a horse and sits like he's half bored and half concerned.

The shoot was a little further down the Ridge, near Laurel Fork. A great group of guys showed up and some actually shot. Maybe in a couple years we'll have a summer chunk match at the creek on Stratheden Farm. Don't worry, folks, your author will load up on her Rescue Remedy first.

The garden is providing us with fresh food every day now. LOTS of Zukes that taste better if you let them get big and cucumbers that are just right for two. Today I cracked my newest preserving book (please buy it here.... they're nice folks) and started a bottle of fermented cucumbers.

Finally, Girlie Girl has been healing nicely from her surgery and has been allowed outside again after 3 long months of confinement and house rest. You might say she's exceedlingly happy... and way cute leaping through the gardens. She and Chetworth seem to get along outside and Grover is OK with her inside now. Ahhh the dangers of kitty politics! Some day it'll get sorted but for now we're happy to have stopped the baby machinery and the neighbor cats it attracts.

So, that's a week at Stratheden... a little of this... a little of that... and a lot of animal management duties for Mrs. Fuzzy.

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