05 July 2009

At Last.... She Posts Pictures!

So, last weekend I took a little walk to view the beautiful bales of hay out on the knob. It was a perfect day... a little hot with big clouds filling the sky and just enough humidity to give the vistas some atmosphere.Justify Full
I took with me my "new" camera which is actually Mr. Fuzzy's old, old Minolta digital. So old, in fact, it takes AA batteries! Soooooo...... I took a bunch of pictures and lost my computing spine when I got back into the house. Surely there would be major issues connecting a Windows 98 era camera to a 64-bit Vista machine. My courage failed and I put off trying until Himself was home and refreshed enough to help me fix the inevitable software implosion. Yesterday was that day....
And the camera talked to the new computer just fine and dandy. I'm sorry I made you wait.

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Lausanne said...

Ahhhh I can almost smell the sweet scent of that Asclepias (milkweed?) blossom that you caught in such lovely detail. Isn't summer grand!?