22 July 2009

A Fungus Among Us

Apologies, devoted reader, for the absence of a blog post for such a long period. There has been little to mention here on the farm other than mowing the grass, weeding, playing with the cats, and teaching Rufus to walk on a leash. Had there been news of import, you may rest assured, fellow travelers in the blogosphere, that it would have been brought to your attention in a timely manner. The most important feature of recent was Monday's inch of precipitation which began about 3:30 a.m. and finally rung out every droplet by twelve hours later. It was beginning to become dry and the garden as well as the forest needed refreshment from the heavens.

The deer have finally attacked the garden and ate the tops off of all of the sunflowers. Mrs. Fuzzy drove to The Big City today and bought a solar powered electric fence. As soon as it is adequately light for the task, Mr. Fuzzy will be driving fence posts and stringing wire tomorrow. These brazen rebel ruminants must be stopped in their tracks! On the advice of the folks at Tractor Supply, I will string one wire at three feet from the ground and another at seven feet.

Taking advantage of the warm weather (it soared to 77F today), The Fuzzies took a stroll around and about the plantation with Rufus on leash. Jack Tar came with us, of course, as he is our official escort on all perambulations hereabouts. For the first time, Girlie also accompanied us. Because of her long hair, she overheated easily and we had to cease locomotion several times to allow the felines to cool off. Girlie blends perfectly into the forest, as good as camouflage can be and she seemed more than skilled as a hunter. Thanks to her, we were allowed a close inspection of a box turtle, Terrapene Carolina, which is relatively common in Virginia.

We have oft discussed the concept of creating a small booklet, both for ourselves and our guests-to-be, of the flora of the farm. Today seemed as auspicious as any to begin this endless task. Technically they are not flora, but the first entries are some of the many species of mushrooms which dot the forest.

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