23 July 2009

Bounty Hunters

Yes, it would be both fair and accurate to denominate the Fuzzies as "bounty hunters." We thrive on the bounty of the farm. Today's harvest included the basket of squash shown below as well as about a dozen cucumbers. The farm was blessed by 0.83 of an inch of rain which came with an impressive display of lightning about 3:00 a.m. and lasted for several hours. The garden, pastures and forests are well pleased.Besides that which is ripe and ready at this very moment, there is the promise of the future all about us. The walnut trees are drooping with the copious quantity of nuts hanging thereon. A goodly proportion of the blackberries are now dark, plump and tender, awaiting our purple stained fingers to pluck them from amongst the thorns. Some of our apple trees will bear a bounty; others may have been substantially damaged by the late May frost. The various melons and pumpkins are coming on strong - more days of full sun such as today would benefit them immensely. Such a perfect day - rain in the dark, full sun all day and a high of about 77F. We thank the creator for all of the blessings here.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! The squash..yummy!