29 May 2009

a roof over our heads

Ah, fair readers, the attack on deferred maintenance continues apace... now the roof. The roof is probably original to the house and we knew when we bought it that the roof was already in need of replacement- you could easily see the cracks and crevices in the shingles. After asking around, one roofing company emerged as the clear recommendation: JB Roofing, in nearby Check.

Joe came by back in January to make an estimate on the job - we accepted it and went into the queue expecting to have a roof within a month or so. Well, due to the unusually wet weather and days with high winds (you don't want to be wrestling shingles on a second floor roof in a wind). We had an unexpected delay until last week, all induced by the number of days they couldn't work on their other jobs.

We ordered a high-tech shingle made by GAF-Elk (Timberline Prestique 40)that reflects infrared as well as re-emits the heat at a higher level; it is EnergyStar certified and qualifies for a tax rebate. Of course, as you could guess, it cost a bit more but we could easily make that up in a few summers when we didn't use the air conditioner. Joe had to special order it - no one in the South seems to have used it although it is popular in southern California. The 40 year warranty means neither of the Fuzzies will have to re-roof this house!

Last week our name finally came up first on the "job list" and the crew arrived. They (and we) were blessed by four days of good weather (read: little chance of rain or wind) and the men hustled to rip off the old roof and put down the new one. The job is now complete and we are quite happy with our BEAUTIFUL "cool antique slate" new roof. There have been several days of heavy rain since completion and clearly the installers knew their business well.


Liquid EPDM said...

Yes i am totally agree with you, now tell me some thing about joe and its work progress, these are things which plays a big role in our roofs life, thanks for the post.

Liquid Roof said...

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