21 May 2009

Light and Darkness

At 6:30 a.m this morning, Mr. Fuzzy let the herd of cats out to shake off their sleep and find a fit toilet. Waiting there at the door as it swung open was MISS LILY! She came right in and seemed no worse for her week away, although she does act a bit touchy with her fellow felines (Jack excepted, of course). How our hearts soared to hold her once more.

Mrs. Fuzzy let Nutmeg outside about fifteen minutes later and in a few seconds, Nutmeg fell, immobile, to the ground. Her breathing was extremely labored and clearly she was in great distress. She died at the veterinarian's at 8:30 from complications due to a massive spleen tumor. We buried her in a shady spot near the workshop where she would often go to sit in peaceful contemplation.

The Creator was so very hard on Nutmeg. She was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, essentially, Downe's Syndrome. Although probably unrelated, she suffered from seizures and thyroid problems, too. In her later years, her spine became arthritic and painful. She took prescription medicines to treat the latter three issues. Nutmeg was never able to enjoy the carefree life of a normal canine.

The tumor had displaced many of her organs; she must have been in much pain for months. She did, nonetheless, retain her sweet disposition and at dinner last night was her usual self, noodling for treats at the dinner table. Now she is with her mentor, Kuma, and her best buddy, Catfish. We trust that you are now relieved of all pain and distress, darling.

Catfish and Nutmeg, 2001, together again

born Nov. 7th, 1996, Sunshine, NM

died May 21st, 2009, Floyd, VA

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