26 May 2009

Ain't they cute?

The babies celebrate their 6-week birthday today so I thought we'd share some unabashed "aaaawww." Kittens really are a natural anti-depressant and general mood booster. All natural with few negative side effects when properly managed! Get one today!

On the advice of the vet we tried to begin weaning these guys a little early. Ha! As they weren't quite ready for solids it was my job to force feed them a slurry of KMR and A/D wet every day so that Miss Girlie could have a little nutrition for herself. Seemed to work... no more colds and Girlie is gaining weight. The benefits duly noted, kittens fight yucky slurry even more than yucky medicine.

We compromised as soon as their little teeth came in and I started taking them cooked chicken. My theory that it was more like what Girlie would bring them seems to be correct. It's a wonderful, and worm-free, alternative to warm mouse. Mmmm! Be careful if you ever do this. Kittens bite hard and fast once they realize chicken tastes good! Now they're on to the kitten kibbles and not visiting the Milk Bar as often. Girlie Girl seems most relieved! I'm happy to have something else for dinner too. (Than chicken, that is!)

Last week we opened the doors and let them start to explore. We walk with our heads down in the house now. They scamper up and down the stairs with ease, raid the adult food, and hiss right back at the adults. There are five and, indulge us here, here's your official introduction:

Bluebeard, our skinny little runt, was the first to open her eyes at only 5 days old. Or should I say "eye" as her right eye started to open about three days later. We presumed she was a boy as ginger cats are more often male so she carries the honor of redeeming the evil pirate's name. We're not sure "redeem" is the proper word any more... Her purr sounds suspiciously like arrrrrrrrrrr. That's her telling Jack "what for."

Bea (Bagheera) has recently taken to bursts of running for no better reason than it's fun. This has led her to discover a couple things well before the others: 1: walls are solid and 2: sometimes the floor falls away. Today she went full tilt off the bed, landed, and kept going. That's the better part of a yard down... Bea is the very image of her mommy and looks like she'll be a pretty little longhair.

Buster is our biggest kitten at more than twice the size of Bluebeard. You might say he's a champion eater... He likes his naps and he likes the Milk Bar. He is often the last to leave either state. Even though he is huge he's a big softie. Not a bully bone in his body. (Unlike Mama Cat's biggest who was awful to the others!)

We still can't tell the last two apart unless we have them together. I think this is the boy, TweedleDum. He is our "wrong way kitty." I understand there is always one. If everyone else runs to the Milk Bar upon waking you can safely bet your money that this cat will decide to hunt the wild packing peanut. His sister, TweedleDee, had a lot of trouble figuring out how to keep her legs under herself while walking on the wood floor but now that she's on carpet she's as fast and silly as the others. Both are exceptionally good at inventing little games to amuse themselves.. especially hunting games. Good kitties, Tweedles!


Anonymous said...

I want one!!!



Anonymous said...

Me too!!! I wish I weren't allergic! Thy're soooo adorable...loveable...cute!!!!!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Kelli... that can be arranged! You are only 5 hours from them, after all!

Judy B said...

April, they are so beautiful. Kittens are true stress relievers! After 2 1/2 years of no pets, Ron & I got a kitten last fall. If not, I'd make a trip to VA to get one of yours!
Judy B.

Katherine Barton said...

Eughhhhhhhh!!!!!! I cannot...even..stand it.. Their cuteness is defeating my ability to operaaaateeee....

Anti-depressant is right! Goodness, I miss you two!! I'm terribly sorry that it has taken me so very long to subscribe to your blog! Oh, this is Katherine, by the way. Missing you from here in Santa Fe!
Your land looks just breath-taking, but I've already said that haven't I? I start my summer break pretty darn soon and I'm thinking that, if allowed, I could do a road trip with my Papa and visit you two? I hope you guys are doing fabulously and missmissmiss you~!!!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

mmm- Katherine you're just out of school and you have a driver's license. Sounds like road trip time to me! It's three long days or four not-so-bad days between you and me. Do come!

Besides. We found your graduation gift the other day. You could say you want to pick it up in person...

Katherine Barton said...

Aw, you two are so dear~!

I will discuss promptly with my Papa! /( o v o )