31 May 2009

Just a quickie, my dear

Quick hello, that is... more to do today than time to do it! Turning this over to Chetworth...

Hi, all! Mama really loves me. She threw Jack out the door by the scruff of his neck and Girlie Girl (the evil intruder!) is locked in the bathroom. Yeah... means I have to use the kitten litter box if I hafta "go" inside but it's worth it! Mama'a been mean to those intruders!!!!

Girlie has been all awful to us since she emerged with those horrid kittens a few weeks ago and now it's worse 'cause they eat in the kitchen with everyone now. It's SO unfair! She gets all grouchy and chases me all over the house until I can get way up high and away from her JUST because I tell those furballs to keep away!

Then the other day she started yacking ALL the time. rowl rowl rowl She does this bizarre thing where she rolls around and sticks her butt in the air. (MamaCat says this is "heat" and that it sucks rocks.) I don't get it. It's just annoying! The peoples have been mumbling about this and telling her she has to stay inside because of it. Sounds good to me: no meanies in my yard! (Except the orange bobtail Mama calls DaddyCat but I run him off whenever I see him.)

Then I saw Mama human get all concerned when Jack started acting weird. Don't know why... THOSE two are friends and hang out all the time. Anyway... Mama picked jack up by the scruff and threw him out the door. That was WAY COOL but it gets better!

So not much later Girlie was getting on my case, AGAIN, about the babies.... even though there weren't any around and I Did Not Start Growling First. (See? I'm TRYING to be nicer but it's sooooo hard!) She chased me all around the big table. This time Mama saw it happen and you know what she did? She locked Girlie up!!!! Says Girlie has to learn to be nice too.

It's after dark now and Mama put Miss Girlie up in the glass-front door room because she says Girlie and Jack can't play together until they both get something called "fixed." I don't know what that is but there's lots of talk about calling the vet so it can't be good. Glad I don't have to get this "fixed" stuff!!!!!!!

Oh, something else that was AWESOME happened today. Jack and I are now friends... but only away from the house for now... and when Mama and Daddy went for a walk Jack showed me how he goes along with them. It was super fun! We walked out in a path of flat grass to this big open area and Daddy took some pictures with his new camera. He says he got a good one of Mama and me all the way out there. I'll ask him to put it up soon!!!! Anyway... Jack and me ran and played in the tall grass... I've never seen grass that tall! It was kinda scary because I couldn't see the peoples sometimes. It was also really hot and there were lots of strange smells. Jack was super duper nice and would rub against me to tell me it was all perfectly safe. Grover would have been jealous if he saw that!

But ya wanna know the best part? On the way back we were playing a race game and it was Jack's turn to dash ahead of Mama and then my turn but instead of going around him I bowled right through him! He didn't know who or what hit him and it felt SO good.


Lausanne said...

I'm still rolling on the floor with laughter---thanks for the latest, Chetworth. Can't wait to see the photos...

Judy B said...

love the cat's perspective!