29 January 2009

This past Sunday, it being our common practice, Jack Tar and your humble correspondent set forth to visit Long Man creek. Being a fair day, warmer and less windy than those that preceded it, our perambulations were leisurely and desultory. Jack Tar is an ideal companion on such explorations, staying close by, either six to eight feet behind or an equal span in the lead. He finds and follows deer trails with alacrity. My most silent companion, Ginny, was always at hand as well, always ready to create a great noise should conditions warrant such.

The creek has thawed and is open water wherever struck by significant sun light; below the large hill he is yet mostly frozen. The copious quantities of bog iris on the flats are sending their bravest scouts forth to ascertain if the time is right for a massive uprising; as are the iris around and about the house. Perchance they know more than we humans that an early spring is planned? Animal and human life are both most grateful that the major ice storm which has just devastated the Midwest declined to visit our fair lands.

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Lausanne said...

Now how did you come ot choose such a name for your dear new cat? Did you know there is an Irish hornpipe called "Jacky Tar"? One of my favorite to play on fiddle, actually.
I'll have to bring my fiddle south when we come for a visit. This summer perhaps?