31 January 2009

Jack Tar continues to become the finest feline canine I have known. He walks every- where with us, is amazingly playful and inventive with his games, and shows almost no fear of loud sounds (power saws, hammers, etc.). Cool, calm and collected. Here's an image of him after he dove into the leaves along the driveway as we sauntered out to learn if there was any mail awaiting us.


pigatopia said...

the cat is cute she looks like the cat I had to put to sleep a couple weeks ago

Silver Sunbeam said...

He is cute in the most painful way! I wish he'd get along with the other cats though so I could let him roam the house on bitter cold days.

Songofsnow Books and Photo said...

He looks like what was "Ted" when we picked him up at the pound, now renamed Herbert so that big Ted isn't too creeped out.

Our home has been split into two zones ever since he came home - one side for Siesta the Manx and the other for sweet, lovable, ferocious Herbert

Sorry we missed your exodus from town - maybe one day you'll come back for a visit

Ted and Lynne, Siesta and Herbert