16 January 2009

Ho, ho, ho

Merry Christmas - at least at Stratheden Farm. now that April is here and getting settled, we celebrated last night by opening our gifts and going out to dinner with SuAnne at Oddfellas. The tree came from the farm, of course. Lily is modeling for you... note the new paint colours on the wall, the new baseboard trim, and of course, the new pine floor!

We had no idea how cold it could be in Virgina; we feel certain that the previous owners for a decade said the lowest they ever saw was +6F and it rarely dropped below 15F. Well, the Alberta clipper which has sent the Northeast into a blast freezer sailed through here, too. The temperature at sunrise was +1F (or for our friends across the water) -17C. Yes, that is cold by any standard, and the high temperature will not even approach the freezing mark today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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