13 January 2009

they arrived safely

Gentle blogophiles,

I must apologize for backsliding; after promising NOT to have long blank periods, I have done so once more. Can you find forgiveness in your hearts for such a wretch as I?

There was a reason - working madly to try to have the house ready when April, SuAnne and the remaining three cats (Grover, Chet and Momma) arrived. Last night right before dark, they rolled down the driveway where I had farolitos lighting the way to the porch and LED lights around the porch pillars. It is not just that time is moving more slowly in Floyd (Einstein was wrong...) but we waited to celebrate the holidays until joined once more. Bless SuAnne's heart for joining April on that long drive.

Tonight the three of us will deck the tree, perhaps worble out a few traditional carols and then see what Santa Claus brought. Our good friend, Jim Webb, who loves not far away, gifted us with an incredible volume- one of his home made books, this one largely about the mechanics and history of Southern Mountain rifles, hand bound in deer hide. Jim is certainly one of the most knowledgeable people alive on this arcane subject.

The walnut floor in the bedroom lacks only the shoe molding to be finished; the same for the pine floor in the dining room. When they are complete, you, dear reader, will have photographic evidence on you screen.

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Lausanne said...

Welcome April and the remaining feline (and canine?) settlers to your new home on the "frontier" of Floyd, Virginia! A whole new chapter about to unfold! The two of you and all of your animal family and far flung treasures are indeed reunited under one roof on good ol' planet earth. Hard to believe now isn't it? And only about 1200 miles from Vermont?
Whoopee! Can't wait 'til all those boxes are unpacked and you're settled in so we can come down for a visit.