28 March 2015

Whether winter weather went whither-

Dear Reader,
   Remember the post proclaiming this may be the best bloom year yet for the daffodils? Premature speculation it seems. Thursday was 71F and cloudless most of the day. Yesterday it snowed (see photograph) madly. Today, at 10:00 a.m. on a cloudless morning, the temperature has struggled to warm to 23F (-5C).

   Yesterday's heavy, wet snow bent the blooms over and collapsed their stems (the stem wall in a daffodil bloom is but paper thick). The severe cold last night seems to have "nipped in the bud" the blooms which were about to open. Tonight is forecast to be even colder before a warming trend into the high 60s begins. Perhaps there will be no more showers of brilliant yellow daffodil blooms this Spring.
   Last weekend one task on the "to do" list but not achieved was to clean the fireplace for the season. That would have been a wasted effort! It will be devouring the last bits from the firewood stack at least through mid-day tomorrow.

May you, dear reader, have the good fortune to have missed this last hearty gasp of winter.

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Dellitt said...

I don't usually live in Virginia, but I've been here since August (Winchester) and are you ever right. Last weekend got very cold. I heard the maintenance man here telling someone that you can usually expect a frost as late as mid April and sometimes as late as mid-May. How sad to lose the daffodils! Their bright yellow blossoms help get me through till there are tulips. Hope your firewood kept you snuggly warm!