01 March 2015


Too much time to think, methinketh. Time to rearrange the upstairs into a more pleasing & useful configuration whilst winter rages outside. One five inch snow deposit since last we communicated and a few bitterly cold nights.

The bedroom has been in the smallest room (other than the bathrooms) of the house, on the cold and dark northwest corner. It was likely intended as a guest room, positioned next to a full bathroom. There were windows to the north and west sides, good views of the immediate forest and walled back yard, but no view greater than about 75 yards. It was cold in the winter and toasty in the summer (when both walls were illuminated by the sun). Just large enough for the proper appurtenances of a bedroom, it was satisfactory but not by any means inspirational. Mr. Fuzzy admits to enjoying passing into the land of winking, blinking & nod whilst watching the stars swirl or the weather at labor and therefore began to cogitate on the possibility of exchanging rooms.

The largest room in the house (same size as the living room) is the upstairs master bedroom which by default ended up as a storage room and half-hearted den wherein the stereo and television languished. With the best views of any room and the highest ceiling, the thought struck that it should become the bedroom once again; the old bedroom could be transformed into a library, allowing about 60% of the books to all be in one room. One of the great frustrations has been the difficulty of laying hand & eye upon a given tome... As a relatively dark room (camera obscura), it would also be a logical place to position potentially light sensitive works of art.

Super Sliders Reusable Round Furniture SlidersThus, as the snow swirled, Mr. Fuzzy and three of the cats utilizing 'furniture gliders' managed to move a queen sized bed, two large dressers, two seven foot tall bookcases, a glass display case, AV system, couch, chairs, etc., sans assistance. There are numerous fine points to be addressed but the bedroom furniture is all in final positions. The library furniture is pushed to the center of the room to allow wall repairs and repainting. Assistance will be required to lift two 9 foot bookcases from the basement to the upstairs; it will be a major task involved removing the stair hand rails and banisters.

This is the new view from the bed with Miss Lily checking it out:

Spinning 180 degrees, the bed with three room mates:

All the denizens of Stratheden Farm are pleased to note that the weather forecasters completely failed to predict today's weather. As late as the ten o'clock news last night, the area was under a winter storm watch with ice pellets, ice and snow expected. Instead, it was largely sunny and at 50 degrees for a high, the warmest day in over a week. We all enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully your day was fine as well.

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