02 March 2015

Divine Humor

The farm has enjoyed two gorgeous days, back-to-back. Its been sunny all day (now 4:00 p.m.), dead calm, and in the high 40s but feels a good deal warmer. Mr. Fuzzy spent an hour or so doing yard and garden cleanup sans jacket or sweater. The black cats, in particular, were smiling from ear to fuzzy ear sunning themselves, soaking up that flood of infrared radiation.

It feels like Spring and it look like Spring - buds are swelling, new cold weather grasses are making an appearance and some daffodils are now 3+ inches above ground. The driveway is entirely clear of snow and ice, even in deep shade (but mud only a connoisseur could appreciate has formed). Could this be the end of Grumpy Old Man Winter?

Not so fast. Here's the weather forecast from Wunderground, copied just a few minutes ago; this is real, too early for April Fool's Day. Yes indeed, a 60 degree day and the next night into the single digits. What more proof is necessary that God has a sense of humor?

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