05 September 2013

Tales of Tails and more-

As is normal, there's good news and bad news - but finally the good news has begun to outweigh the bad. Fred the Red who was interred in the soon-to-be office last month because he was being treated for a cold fully recovered. He soon thereafter developed a limp, it did not improve over several days and an appointment with his doctor was made. Dr. Meredith McGrath quickly diagnosed his problem and an X-ray confirmed it; Fred had a broken pelvis. If you examine his x-ray, right above the blue star's top point, you will see the rather large break. Fred was either hit by a car or kicked very hard; in either, case, he and Mr. Fuzzy are deeply thankful there was no other damage. Today marked the fourteenth day of his incarceration in the office-to-be and he was freed to roam Stratheden Farm once more.

Mr. Fuzzy defines 'introvert' and rarely attends social occasions but the annual fund raising dinner for the local humane society is always an exception because the cause is so worthy. The stalwarts of the humane society save hundreds of cats and dogs from certain death by finding them new homes and work to reduce the population with a spay & neuter program. The weekly newspaper in the county published several photographs of the event - one containing Mr. Fuzzy's visage. The food was fabulous, the company good, and Mr. Fuzzy was the successful bidder on several local items including an exquisite basket. The person pictured with Mr. Fuzzy was Rufus' nurse when he was being treated at the Virginia Tech Vet School hospital and is a exceptional person with deep commitment to the improvement of conditions for both animals and humans.

Today was a check up on Rufus at the Vet School - they have been closely monitored his electrolytes to determine the appropriate level of steroid supplement. The blood chemistry result today was, for the first time since his crisis, normal. He will, for the remainder of his days, require steroid injections and pills but his life will be normal.

Rufus would like to thank his emergency doctor who quickly diagnosed Addison's Disease and intervened appropriately, Dr. Honius and Ms. Macon (DVM-to-be), thereby saving his life. He also sends wet licks to Drs. Disney and Ziglioli and final year students Ryan Walczak, Phd, and Eric ________, PhD,  (my apologies, Eric, but I cannot spell your last name and don't want to murder it). Ryan & Eric hold doctorates in chemistry but discovered their dedication was to veterinary science, not the industry or laboratory. Chemistry's loss is the animal's gain as they are both outstanding people, brilliant, affable, professional and profoundly caring. Their care and treatment is so exemplary that Rufus looks forward to the 50 minute ride to the school.

Doctors, and doctors-to-be, Mr. Fuzzy is forever in your debt for saving his buddy. A special thanks to Ms. Macon for reassuring him that everything was going to be alright on that anxiety ridden night of emergency admission.

There surely is a special reward in the next world for these compassionate people.


Lausanne said...

Glad to hear your animal world is settling down for the better after such a dramatic summer. Time to pull up a chair by the fire and relax with one of your many purring felines in your lap and Rufus at your feet.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Thanks Lausanne, it sure was hectic and not very rewarding. Tonight the temperatures will dive into the thirties and I shall implement your suggestion!