22 September 2013

Autumnal Equinox

Fair readers, today was the autumnal equinox and the weather was gorgeous on the farm. Almost no clouds, gentlest of breezes, and a high of 64F. The five day forecast indicates similar days. This was ushered in by a huge cold front, spanning from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico which roared through yesterday with an attendant 6/10ths of an inch of rain, much needed.

Saturday was largely dismal, ranging from fog to heavy clouds, driving Mr. Fuzzy to devour huevos rancheros for lunch at Tuggles Gap; the fog there almost too dense for driving. Nonetheless, the lower elevations rather than being blanketed by impenetrable fog, were lightly draped in a diaphanous fog which ebbed and flowed like a tide. Here is the view at noon:

Perhaps twenty minutes before sunset, Old Sol emerged from below a layer of dissipating clouds, low on the horizon, just as misty ground fog began to rise. The view, dear readers, was truly sublime. This image is straight from the camera with no manipulation whatsoever except to reduce the size for posting here. This is precisely what the eye perceived: the Creator's glory.

As the sun bowed below the horizon, Mr. Fuzzy and Rufus the Dog took their pre-darkness soiree to the front of the farm. Although the sun was just below the horizon and light was fading with each heart beat, a superb rainbow occupied the eastern sky. Mr. Fuzzy apologizes for the lack of quality, it was taken with an iPhone, but the reader can interpolate the details.

The Creator was generous with beauty this day, for which all of us here on the farm are thankful. May your day have been at least equally splendid, if not better.

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