02 September 2013

Garden glories

This post is long overdue and Mr. Fuzzy offers his apologies to the three devoted readers of this blog. No good excuses and fortunately, no illness.

Tomorrow brings the first Canadian air this far south for some time and proffer the first really cool autumn-like nights with temperatures in the fifties. It will be a welcome relief and should induce fine, deep slumber. Undoubtedly the felines will be delighted and their rambunctious sides will emerge.

The summer garden is essentially finished. The food production portion was an unmitigated disaster with little production for much labour. The lack of sun, unprecedented precipitation and commensurate explosion of weeds combined in an exponential manner to devastate the gardens. Oddly, the flowers suffered far less and some performed quite nicely. Below is the most recent daily drizzle, from yesterday.

The sunflowers, although blooming several weeks alter than normal, reached 8 feet or more in height and shown through the cloudiest of days like small suns themselves. They are now just past their peak.

The zinnias have also prospered, both in pots on the patio and in the smaller garden.The colours and shapes were superb and although slightly past their peak, some new buds develop yet with hope for revealing their hidden charms soon.

Reagan is a dear friend of many, many years; we worked together in the late 1970s and have always kept in touch. Within the confines of his Christmas card was an envelope of cosmos seeds, which he promised would grow into the largest cosmos ever beheld by Mr. Fuzzy's eyes. Never known to exaggerate, his promise was true - the plants are full and bushy, reaching about three feet in height. The colour is unusual as well. Thank you, kind Sir, for the thoughtful gift.

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