06 May 2013

Fort frederick Colonial Trade Fair

Fort Frederick is one of the few French & Indian War sites in the South and perhaps the only stone star fort (as per Sebastien de Vauban's treatise, then considered the state of the art in fortification). Begun in 1756, it was never completed as envisioned because the colonial assembly cut off funding in 1758. It never saw hostile  military action; its major impact was as a staging area. During the Revolutionary War, it was a prison for thousands of British soldiers.

Located near Big Pool, Maryland, it is easily reached by those living along I-81 today. As a Maryland state park today, it comes to life several times during the year - the largest event is the Spring colonial trade fair with about 200 vendors of quality period wares. Their items are more carefully vetted than at many other sites and many true masters of their crafts sell here.

Mr. Fuzzy enjoys this annual event more for the opportunity to visit with friends than to purchase articles of delight. He offers this visual review of the 2013 event:

The talented silhouettist who is also a phrenologist. Mr. Fuzzy resisted for two days but finally placed a $10 bill in her palm for a reading. Her accuracy was scary.

 A boot black, surely a common trade in period, but Mr. Fuzzy has never seen one at an event before.

 Bill Bischer, knife maker

 Joseph & Sue, made the plates and many cups for Stratheden House. Good friends and very dear people.

 Allan Sandy, a very talented gun maker; Mr. Fuzzy admits to lusting after the double barreled fowler shown here...

 Tim Walsh who created the two tin chandeliers in Stratheden House and all of its lanterns both indoors and out.

 Jymm Hoffman and his appretice.

 A scurrilous crew indeed

There were many fine ladies fashions present.


susan skinner said...

Wonderful photos. 2013 held the best weather Joe and I have seen at the Fair. Which meant everyone was milling about and visiting bunches. Thanks to all for making it such a great weekend.
Glad you all are enjoying your dinnerware!

susan skinner said...

Russ...may I have a copy of the photo of Joe and I. It didn't make me cringe (too much)
I do wish there was damp/mold proof storage more available.
I would buy a truckload.