22 April 2013

Spring has arrived

Spring has come to Floyd but winter tried to linger. The temperatures at sunrise recorded on the farm:
Friday     61F
Saturday 35F
Sunday   29F

Mr. Fuzzy mowed both this Sunday and the prior Sunday. A week ago, I was sunburned mowing in my t-shirt at 83F; this Sunday I was mowing in a flannel shirt under a denim jacket and still chilled when the wind arose. There was a touch of frost in low places this Sunday but the fruit trees seem unharmed. The cherry trees are blooming in great abundance:

The first apple tree opened flowers today and the other apples trees are close behind. The Mutsu apple trees produce heavily every other year and this is the year - there will be plenty to eat, preserve and give away.

Ornamental cherry trees seem to prosper in the local conditions. This especially fine specimen is in front of the local newspaper's offices.

There are native trees in bloom all over the county.

This Saturday was the spring trash pickup by our loose-knit neighborhood association along Highway 221 from Slaughter's Grocery Store to Howell Creek, a distance of about five miles. Mr. Fuzzy and The Taciturn Yankee teamed up to work the most heavily trashed stretch; I cannae speak for  T. Y., but due to his sterling company, it was made a most enjoyable task. Here is a grandfather and grandson at work policing the roadside for trash. The Falling Branch community is strong and active, contributing to the area.

The tulips on the farm did not last long this year due to wind and cold nights but they were, as always, absolutely gorgeous during their reign. Mr. Fuzzy leaves you with this image to close this epistle.

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JudyB said...

sure looks beautiful in your part of the country.