04 April 2013

Snow, snow and snow

Mr. Fuzzy hopes ye readers do not become bored with his obsession about the weather conditions; remember that on a farm, the weather is paramount. This being the 4th day of April, two weeks into the season of Spring, it has snowed for the last five hours. Below is the weather radar at 6:40 p.m. and is in error because it is snowing here and should be shown as blue. The farm is located just below the intense red area...


And here is what it looked like from the old farmhouse late in the afternoon today-

And on  March 27th-

And on March 24th-

And on March 15th-

It has snowed more since mid-March than all winter long. Mr, Fuzzy and his neighbors are all confused. With each snow fall, we believe it to be the last and spring just around the bend. Now, on April 4th, we are beginning to wonder what the spring and summer will bring, and will it be as atypical as Spring has been thus far.

Mr. Fuzzy trusts that you and yours are warm and cozy in your cabins.


Anonymous said...

Here in NW Wyoming I have my lawn sprinklers up and running and are getting ready to plant potatoes. The valley is a buzz with farm equipment.

JudyB said...

Gorgeous yesterday and today, saw a farmer out plowing today. More beautiful flowers and trees and bushes budding.

Lausanne said...

Well you know what they say about snow...it is the poor man's fertilizer. Hoping you have healthy and abundant crops this year!

Anonymous said...

Well a storm went thru and now its cold again. Had to blow the sprinklers. My lungs dont work as go as they use to. I need to get an air compressor! Any ways its cold and heading your way!

Mr. Fuzzy said...


You could just have kept that cold air in Wyoming! But today is going to be 75F. Hope its gorgeous there, too.
Mr. Fuzzy