11 May 2013

Move over Seattle

Dearest Readers,

Today marked the sixth day it has rained in the last seven days. No, this is not normal here in the Blue Ridge mountains. There has not been an official rain reporting station in the county since just before World War II but general consensus is that normal annual precipitation approximated 46 inches. A friend who keeps very detailed weather records reported to me last night he has measured 36 inches of rain this year - so far. The temperatures continue to rock back and forth - tomorrow night is forecast to sink to 32F, many people have already planted gardens (a tad premature here) and are waiting with baited breath to see if it is a killing frost. The plants are very young and tender so it wouldn't require require a temperature much below freezing.

On the positive side, the grasses are growing beautifully and some cool season grasses are already seeding. Buttercups are in abundance and the ferns seem to be delighted with the dampness.

Just before sunset tonight, the light had a beautiful quality both in color and diffusion. There was so much water vapor because the temperature was approaching the dew point that there was a Scottish mist all about, not enough to be visible unless one examined conditions most carefully, but enough to gently diffuse the rays of the setting sun. Alas, this image is but a poor approximation of the beauty.

The relatively cool temperatures and more than adequate rainfall has aided the blooming trees in holding their flowers for an extraordinary period. This native Dogwood first came into bloom almost a month ago and still is bright ans shiny. The grass color may look like a digital artifact but it is accurate - Ireland is no greener than Stratheden Farm at the moment.


Mrs. Fuzzy said...

The Floyd bloom season has been particularly spectacular yet Grayson Highlands, only an hour away, was just starting to bloom. There were no dogwood flowers on Thursday and just a few on Sunday when I passed through.

JudyB said...

Appears the farm and you are enjoying a lovely spring...and it sure looks like it was a wonderful evening to stroll around your home.