22 March 2011

Spring has arrived - maybe to stay, maybe not

Gentle readers, after much discussion on this blog, Mr. Fuzzy has concluded that Spring has finally come to stay. Sort of...

The days are in the mid-60s to low-70s now with commensurately warm nights. However, there will still be some cold nights ahead; the question is whether there will be killing frosts or not. The ground is warm already, seeds and weeds are germinating, flowers are blooming, the insects are hatching (much to the delight of the chickens).

Some trees are in bloom, most notably the maples (above).

Along the stream, the bog iris and skunk cabbage have shaken off the winter doldrums and are seeking the sun's comforting rays.

Mr. Fuzzy has confidence that there will be no more snow (although Floyd has seen significant snows as late as May) and thus has traded the box blade for the easy lift on the Ford tractor. Mindful of his grandfather's advice of decades ago, he also conducted a thorough house cleaning on the old Ford, checking carefully for fluid leaks and fluid levels. A good wash job with the power sprayer and she almost looks new again - ready for the season's tasks at Stratheden.

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