28 March 2011

Restraining order

It has finally happened, it was probably inevitable. Floyd County Magistrate Court in their Monday session issued a restraining order against Mr. Fuzzy, "that he immediately cease and desist spreading misleading information regarding the change of seasons. He clearly has no competence in the field of meteorology and should keep to his regular trade as a regional representative of the Great American Snake Oil Company."

The prosecutor entered this image taken this morning as Exhibit A.

Now let us all sing together:
"I'm dreaming of a white Easter,
Just like the ones I used to know,
Where the treetops glisten
and children listen
To hear farmers cussing in the snow."


Lausanne said...

Glad to hear that your weather has gone retrograde as ours has...snowflakes in the air tonight as I write. But the forecast is for good sugaring weather from Wednesday on. Yes! Above freezing days and below freezing nights! I just canned up a gallon of syrup tonight from our first little batch. Ping! Another lid has sealed and likely won't be opened 'til next winter for a batch of pancakes some fine morning.

sarahemingway said...

I remember just a few years ago having an ice storm in April in Owensboro. The blooming dogwoods and azaleas were covered in a bath of ice! Glad to know that Mother Nature plays tricks on you too!