23 March 2011

The Chicks Are Here!

Brooder area viewed from pop hole.
The opening beyond is the connection between the two coops.

As you can see, things have changed in the coop. First of all, the window fell off last night and I broke it by stepping on it in the dark. The big chicken window is now covered with clear plastic. It's not nearly so attractive but it is functional. Good thing too, as we're having one heck of a storm at the moment!

The coop has been invaded by a few chicks who are busily running around terrorizing the big chickens. Sadly, two proved unthrifty and passed away this afternoon but their box-buddies all seem hearty and are enjoying a good run-around from time to time.

Mr. Rufus has been endlessly fascinated by the cheeping and cooing but doesn't seem to want to hurt them. He came in this afternoon, took a sniff, and decided it would be more fun to goose Salvadora on her nest.

Here are two babies taunting one of the Cochin girls. The hens are lost between fascination and not knowing what to make of the situation. They are bold chicks!

The jump down from the crate didn't phase them at all. Two such crates provide them with chicken-proof refuge. The other one has heat. Red seems to be under the impression that these are his special charges. Indeed, we've had no issues with the roos... unless you count a chick scaring the living daylights out of Number One. That was pretty funny to watch.

And here is Bett with a chick emerging from under her protection. I slipped them under her and she immediately accepted them. Unfortunately, she didn't stay on the floor with them but she keeps a watchful eye on them at all times.

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Callie said...

The chicks are so cute. We are having wind and snow problems too. I have a broken coop window about once a year. I find that leaving the windows dirty keeps the hens from flying into them. Usually.