14 November 2010

No Tellin' What's Up With That One

Mr. Fuzzy likes to accuse me of being addicted to The Machine and Facebook. He may be right but he's more enamored of his computers than I and I can prove it by the number of PayPal lines on my Visa bill. Some days, though, I'm just having too much fun to sit up here in my sunny window seat and fool with the electronic demons. Yesterday was such a day. Didn't get on for even one minute!

I was attending my first meetup of the Old Dominion Blacksmith Association at David Tucciarone's SunRise Forge. About 25 smiths, some younger than me (I think) and a few white-hairs, attended. The group was very welcoming, convivial, and helpful. Usually when I try out these sorts of groups I feel like the one young freak, the one female freak, or an intruder into a private fiefdom. None of that was in evidence... just a bunch of really lovely people who wanted to help each other learn about a craft that all, clearly, loved.

We learned lots of interesting tidbits... beginners and experienced both.... as David demonstrated several easy Christmas gift projects for last minute makers. Projects included a tea towel holder with brass finish on the leaf finial, a double coat hook from an old horse shoe, and a wall sconce with match cup that looked like a little flower. Put your orders in for 2011! I'm psyched up to start making stuff.

PS These aren't my photos. They are by a lovely gentleman by the name of Curt Welch. My battery died.... how typical! Also means no reveal on the color of Stratheden House until tomorrow.

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