05 November 2010

Local Color

True story told to Mr. Fuzzy this week while enjoying (?) plain bologna sandwiches after his Lodge meeting:

About ten years ago, in the next county west of Floyd, there was an elderly man of the storyteller's acquaintance who was pulled over as a part of a sobriety roadblock operation. He, like everyone who happened to be traveling that stretch pf road that night, was stopped and asked to show his "current driver's license." The elderly gentleman said to the policeman, "I don't have one, Sir." To which the policeman said, "Well, then, may I see your expired license?" Again, the elderly man apologized that he had no such thing. The policeman, being a kind person, replied, "When was the last time you had a driver's license?" The elderly man looked at him quite straight faced and said, "I've never had one, Sir!"

Now, Virginia has had a licensing requirement for an awfully long time... even here in the sometimes lawless mountains... but the policeman was really rather intrigued so before taking the obvious course of action he just had to ask, "Why did you never get a license, Sir?" To which the elderly man replied, in that somewhat excited tone of a person who cannot hardly believe the answer wasn't heretofore obvious....

"Well, Sir, I never needed one until tonight!"

And if you don't believe the story to be true just remember..... we PERSONALLY know the woman at the center of the "glitter on the washcloth" e-mail you've all gotten at some point.

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