12 November 2010

Bye Bye Whitey!

This is Dave, our new best friend. He's a wonderful guy who moved to Check from DC a few years ago and runs a one-man remodeling & painting company. Mr. Fuzzy was most impressed with the quality of his work when Dave recently painted the Floyd Masonic Lodge so he asked him to come out and give us a quote. Considering it's a big house and the gable ends will require the use of a cherry picker he is very reasonable!

Our house has been plagued by the curse of being the ultimate boring color for far too long so Dave is helping it change it's clothes. The trim will be a more pleasing shade of white. You can see it on the windows in the picture... but in what color have I chosen to dress Stratheden House?

Hmmmmmm....... Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow. Maybe not!

PS that's Dad's flag hanging from the porch. He served in the Army in Germany about 1956-58.


Lausanne said...

How can you keep us in suspense?!

Ron Mylar said...

Dave is wonderful guy who moved to Check from DC a few years ago. This blog is dedicated to a whitey house which is reasonable is price.