15 June 2010

Oh, my, it's been more than a week again! We Fuzzy's have been alternately busy and lethargic with this muggy weather we've been having. The air is always near saturation it seems. YUCK! Even the dogs would rather just be sleeping.

Our issue with escaping chickens seems to have been solved by removing the upper fencing around their pen. It had 6" openings and I think the cluckers were flying up, roosting, and getting out that way. We've had four successful returns of chickens (never the same individuals, mind!) but lost two banty roosters before the escape route was removed. I'm sorry to have lost them and pray they've just decided to live as ferals but it's highly unlikely. Rumpy, one of the Dominiques, sustained a minor injury when she escaped but with a little iodine spray she' has healed well.

Mr. Fuzzy identified a beautiful bush on our deck as a Nanking Cherry. We now have nearly 4 pounds of tiny cherries in the freezer. Anybody have a recipe? They're nicely tart. I think he's working on another food post. (I saw him photoing food yesterday...)

So, no news is dull news. How about a link to a feature article from the Sunday Roanoke Times about our little town? It has lovely pictures and a schematic of South Main Street.


The Language Wench said...

I think there is this Turkish tart cherry jam/preserve that would work with those cherries. I'll ask my friends for instructions. You all would love it.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

I think a Turkish tart is a great idea... know any?

Mr Fuzzy