23 June 2010

Girl Power

Those were the days....

First, a little thank you to everyone who has commented, e-mailed, called, or stopped me on the street to give me their condolences on the loss of my father. I'm grateful for your kindness.

Life on the farm has been blissfully dull but blessedly busy. Mr. Fuzzy spent three very intense days erecting an electrified fence around the far garden. The deer have completely bounced back after a good hunting season and a starvation winter... which is to say, they ate all of our first plantings of peas, beans, and sunflowers plus most of the first planting of corn.

This fence couldn't happen earlier because the field needed to be hayed before Mr. Fuzzy could haul the locust logs across the field, debark them, and whatnot. It was a poor hay harvest so every blade left undisturbed was an important blade! Now we have a very pretty fence that has kept the deer out.

The new fence means that I, Mrs. Fuzzy, have been out weeding and planting nearly every day since Saturday. Another planting of corn, peas, sunflowers, and several kinds of beans was done plus a planting of carrots, summer lettuce, started leeks, and flowers for our predator bug friends. There is a whole lot more to do in order to fill up this goodly patch of ground but the Creator saw fit to answer my request for rain within an hour of my making it today (thanks a bunch!) The plants got 1/4 inch of good, penetrating, rain. Rocky and Rufus and I got a cold, cold, shower.

In the evenings I've been working on the never-ending "get the studio usable" project and another of my quick demolition-restoration projects. Namely, pulling up the disgusting bathroom carpet and figuring out what to do about the mildew I found underneath. Although the now-exposed OSB is ugly it's a world better than the ancient, wrinkled, stained, mildewed, and peed-upon carpet. Note to all: do not install carpet in a bathroom and do not house a stressed cat on such a carpet! How ever could we not smell THAT? Anyway, these problems seem to have been successfully addressed and it's time to Kilz the floor.

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Anonymous said...

If its OSB and mildewed, better pull it up too! It won't thank you if you don't.
P of KY