06 April 2010


I recently wrote to you of the recent arrival of spring - a mere fortnight later, it is now summer with temperatures in the 80s. No one of whom Mr. Fuzzy has inquired can remember such a rapid transition from snowy winter into spring and thence into summer, all in less than four weeks; recall, if you will, it was on the tenth of March that our post was regaling the disappearance of the last snow.

The trees are exploding into bloom. Today the large peach tree showed just a hint of bloom at sunrise; by sunset it was entirely bedecked in a pink cape of flowers. All three types of cherry tree are in full bloom. Only the apples have proven reluctant. The heat at this early date is extraordinary and the cool weather crops not ready to consume a week ago are about to bolt. All flora seem well beyond their average displays - this has been attributed to the genteel sufficiency of subsoil moisture from the winters snows. Also unusual has been the reluctance of the clouds to shed their load or even to form -so many cloudless dry days of late.

Our farmer-neighbors all pray that this rapid warming and low humidity are not augurs of a summer drought in formation. Likewise, the Fuzzies hope not as well.

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