27 April 2010

Special Delivery

Look what arrived yesterday!

They say not to count your chicks before they're hatched but when you mail order them you always get what you ask for... plus one "to keep them warm." This is our mystery chick. He or she would appear to be some sort of bantam with a very upright walk and calm demeanor.

He and his 25 buddies are living in a box in the garage because, well, I'm a little slow when I build stuff. Mr. Fuzzy tweaked his back the other day and, you know, it takes a lot of thinking to build and hang a couple fairly simple doors out of really scrappy scrap materials by yourself when you've not done it before. (Dogs make lousy helpers, by the way.)

On the good side... my chicken shed will only have set us back about $60 and I've learned how to use a little circular saw. Score one for Mrs. Fuzzy conquering another useless tool phobia!


Anonymous said...

Awe...we have chicks here too...though I'm not sure what kind they are...this post reminded me of them!

Miss you on CAC!

Lausanne said...

I had a chance to view that fine door and coop you made and the 26 residents therein...Quite impressive cobbling skills you have in carpentry! And of course the wee chicks are adorable as they busy about. I sure hope Russell masters chick care 101 before you get back from Tucson!