01 April 2010


Spring has sprung beyond any doubt. The high temperature yesterday was 71F (21C) and not a cloud in the sky. Today is forecast to be even warmer... this while our Fife and Glasgow friends are burdened with an extraordinary late season snowstorm that paralyzed much of Scotland.

The Fuzzies were hard at work yesterday. The first priority was cleaning out the walled garden in preparation for planting season. Leaves and sticks were raked into piles then fed into the 10 H.P. chipper that Mrs. Fuzzy found on Craig's List last year. Feed the leaves into one chute and the sticks and branches into the other and viola, you have finely shredded organic material that will enrich the gardens. It rather seems ironic that we have to first remove it from the garden in order to enrich the garden...

The chipper is an effective machine. In several hours of operation, it consumed a fraction of a gallon of petrol. Although Mr. Fuzzy wore ear protection, Mrs. Fuzzy declined - it was actually sounded more like a lawn mower than a chipper - even the dogs were unperturbed by it. It started first time, every time, which is good - the compression of the engine makes pulling the starting cord a two-hand effort.

Our garden has begun producing food for the table. Mrs. Fuzzy prepared a salad with our home grown lettuce. Mmmm, fresh, crisp, delicious and chemical free. The greenhouse is overflowing with wee green sprouts seeing the sun for the first time - I can taste the tomatoes already!

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