28 July 2008

It's Listed!

It's official... our "wee hoosie" in Cupar o' Fife is up for sale. Offers over 105 K if you can believe it! And that's POUNDS! We're hoping it sells before the dollar recovers too much. For our American friends who have been inside the place, they're calling it a three-bedroom! Click the solicitors' logo to view our listing.


JocelynneSimone said...

Wow, 3 bedroom? really? I remember 2... what are they calling the third? Inquiring minds want to know =)

And good luck on selling your wee hoose. It was such a charming place and about the best neighborhood anywhere.

SilverSunbeam said...

Oh, the wee box room we used as an office is called a "single bedroom" over there. As yet we've had no viewings. The market in the UK is dead as a doornail.

JocelynneSimone said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed on the sale... and I am now trying to imagine your wee office as a wee bedroom. That's... that's amazing is all I can say.