25 August 2008

If Ever We Had Doubt

.... we haven't got it now.

I'm sure every one of you has made a big decision full of confidence (and really quite rationally made) at the time only to feel those pangs of doubt once the reality of its enormity sinks into your bones. You've committed to the thing so there's really no turning back. You know it's what you wanted. But... all that lag time between commitment and action leaves a lot of space for doubt, worry, and fear to sprout.

We contracted to buy our farm in April knowing we wouldn't close until late October. That's seven months of negative-thought germination time. Seven months to think about all the work, money, and questions left to be settled. Seven months in the desert looking at all our stuff that will need packing. Seven months where we can't walk down to Howell Creek, eat "our" blackberries, or meet new neighbors at the local breakfast spot.

Thankfully, there is a panacea for our situation... Visit the farm!

Last week we spent three lovely days with the Strattons learning more about the property, community, and recent local history. There were some surprises involving the exact location of the property lines but everyone reassured us that surveyor's marks are not considered very important boundaries around Floyd. (Unless you're the tax man, that is!) We also learned that the people of Floyd don't think of it as just another collection of buildings or a government center. At the bank, restaurants, library, and arts center everyone cheerfully extended a hand, a smile, and invited us in with the words, "welcome to our community."

Floyd, if ever we had doubts about joining you, those doubts are gone. You are warm, cheerful, sensible. Your people sing your praises near and far.

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