14 July 2008

Move Avoidance

A lot of folks have asked how the move is going. What with all we've had going these past few months it's a wonder we might have even started the process. (We have, technically. I packed up about six boxes of cookbooks.) But... to be honest we've only just reached the second phase of our mourning for good old Santa Fe... Denial. First it was the Shock and joy of having found our new "perfect" home. Then it was the realization that we will have to leave Santa Fe, our house, our garden, our great mailman.

So, we have been pretending that we don't have nearly 3,000 square feet of house, a double garage, and a good sized storage shed to be packed up. We're pretending that it'll all just teleport into a perfect arrangement in Virginia. It's a great fantasy.... and our Scotty has an elegant Edinburgh accent and not some awful fake "highland" mumble.

Thankfully, we're mostly over this. Now we can move back into excitement as we arrange our next trip back to Stratheden Farm to learn from the Strattons such esoteric things as which windows like to stick and how to load the furnace. We'll maybe get to see the local farm market and take in a little of the Friday bluegrass jam.

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