11 October 2016

That was fast- - -

The transition from summer to autumn was rather abrupt this year. It was in the high 70s not long ago, now seeming like ages ago; when stepping out to welcome the sun this morning and discovering it was 37F, there was a minor chock to the system. Then a large, beatific smile developed.There was scattered frost on the rolling lands and roof tops along Falling Branch Road, unusually early in the month.

As regular as the motion of the heavens, certain trees on the farm are always the first to evince their recognition of the changing seasons. Perhaps they are more sensitive than their neighbors.

On the whole, the leaves are still decidedly green without a hint of yellows or reds. Its due to be another chilly night and the ten day forecast is very autumnal. Perhaps the colors will cascade towards the warm portion of the spectrum this week.

I hope your world is filled with beauty and wonder, regardless of the type.

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