19 October 2016

Going Topless

thanks to Jeff Liverman for the photo!

Its almost late October. Seven mornings ago, the low temperature was 35 degrees. The leaves are changing into their autumn hues rapidly (and falling). Here on the farm, the temperature at 4:00 p.m. today was 81F. According to the Blacksburg office of the National Weather Service, the temperature there was the hottest on today's date since they began keeping records in 1952.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be in the high seventies and then a severe cool off with high temperatures dropping 30 degrees by Saturday. Back to fleece jackets...

Mr. Fuzzy looked at all that information and, believing this to be the final warm day of the season, put the top down on the Morris Minor and enjoyed the balmy conditions today. Great fun. Especially when shared with a friend.

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