02 July 2015

One Year Ago Today

It was an interesting day precisely one year ago - depositions regarding the divorce were taken in April and Frank's lawyer's office. In the presence of a court reporter who recorded the conversations, their lawyer questioned me and my lawyer had the opportunity to question them. The images in this blog are direct scans of the official deposition; should you wish to, you may order a copy of the complete transcript from Terry's Court Reporting at the address shown on the cover page (above).

This blog post is an attempt to answer questions that many friends, especially during the recent visit to Scotland, have asked regarding the outcome of the divorce case. Generally, people wonder how the divorce became a settlement that involved little money and nothing else lost on my part. The explanation lies in part in the depositions of April and Frank D'Amico made a few weeks before the scheduled trial date. Herein is part of Frank's testimony.

Bear in mind that these three depositions were taken in a small room with the six of us seated around a small oval table just big enough for six chairs. Counterclockwise: the court reporter, then myself, my lawyer, Frank, their lawyer, and April.

On the prior page to the one shown below, my lawyer, Mr. Campbell, asked Frank, "Okay. Do you know April Young?" Frank's answer is denominated "A" below; "Q" is a question by my lawyer, Mr. Campbell.

Mr. Campbell's reply continued on page 9, "with Judge Long [who would hear the divorce trial] about this so we can force Mr. D'Amico to answer some questions." 

For the non-Americans reading this, the Fifth Amendment protects a witness from self-incrimination in a criminal case, which does not apply in a divorce since no law is being broken that could result in prosecution. As Mr. Campbell and I departed the premises, he observed he had never seen such a testimony in his lengthy career. The balance had tipped irrevocably. I am forever indebted to you, Frank.

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