19 July 2015

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming

   Summer continues unabated at Stratheden Farms, some weeks of weather more pleasant than others. Last week was a relatively mild week but beginning today, temperatures in the 90s are expected to prevail through this week. Rainfall has been below normal in the immediate area although the far ends of the county have received plenty. The inundating rains that have flooded friends' farms in Indiana and Kentucky have followed the typical seasonal pattern of weakening just north of Floyd county then reforming with a vengeance once skipping over the Blue Ridge mountains. Then there are the "spot showers" which probably don't rain on ten farms for fifteen minutes but bring great happiness to the weeds; one has just passed over, dropping the temperature for an hour or so.
   The Farm had an esteemed return visitor last week, an old buddy from the 1970s, now living in the Caribbean and rarely seen in the last couple of decades due to geographic distance. One definition of friendship is that, no matter the length of separation, you can pick up the conversation right where it was left off - that certainly applies with Gary. Considering how different we are, its amazing how very much we have in common.
Momma loving on Gary 
   On the last trip here, Gary discovered another commonality - sort of - or it discovered him. He has always been a canine type of person and loves dogs -and they love him. Until his prior pilgrimage to Stratheden a few months ago, cats were not on his 'like' lot. The crew here converted him. Even Momma, who is very, very particular about her human company, absolutely doted on him. By comparison, Momma never let her previous human of 15 years love on her.

Her boys, Grover and Chetworth, also were very fond of Gary, especially the latter. Within a few minutes of sitting down, Gary's lap would be covered by Chetworth. He's been in "a mood" since Gary departed for home.

For a long list of reasons, it was good to have a quality visit with my old pal. One unexpected reason: he is a good nurse. During the visit, your humble correspondent seems to had had a long waltz with a kidney stone. The pain was excruciating and rendered driving impossible. Gary took me to the doctor's office, picked up my prescriptions and made a grocery run, none of which were within your author's ability at the time. Living alone is a preferred state but can get a little scary when illness strikes.

The next post will largely be photographs of the day lilies on the patio; they have been sterling performers this year and the last season bloomers are lighting up the entire area. Until then, stay well and treasure your friends.

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