05 May 2015

Priceless Neighbors

Today was 79F degrees and felt every bit of it. Summer has arrived early. Have never seen blooms still on dogwoods and such high temperatures simultaneously. Not only is the air warm but so is the ground - meaning its time to direct sow seeds into the gardens.

Of course the gardens need to be cleaned up and tilled to be prepared for planting. Alas, Mr. Fuzzy is not up to the task of using the hand tiller - the flu robbed all the energy reserves. Twenty minutes of moderate labor is followed by near complete exhaustion.

A dashing knight on a silver steed to his rescue; also known as the Great Neighbor, Clay, on his old and venerable Long tractor, bearing a rear mounted tiller.  Because of its width and forward speed, Clay was able to achieve in about twenty minutes what the hand tiller would produce in an afternoon (or longer).

Clay saved the bacon of the farm by preparing the garden for seeding. The time is NOW - by the time Mr. Fuzzy has his strength back, even if recovery is as rapid as a fortnight, the window to plant some seeds would have been passed. Thank you, Clay.

Late in the day as the temperatures began a slow decline and a light breeze developed, Mr. Fuzzy did manage to mow for about 45 minutes. As his attention began to drift, it was time to cease operation. A trio of whirling blades cutting a 60 inch wide path is too dangerous to operate without total focus.

My grandfather contended that the two greatest blessings in life were health and good neighbors. Stratheden Farm is extremely fortunate to have great neighbors. We count our blessings.

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